FILIPPO INNOCENTI, Director ZAHA HADID, special guest at SHARE Sofia 2022 Forum

Major urban development projects will be the focus of the International Architecture and Engineering Forum – SHARE Sofia 2022.

Filippo Innocenti has been working with Zaha Hadid Architects for 20 years.With an architectural background that encompasses cultural facilities, conservation and sustainability, Filippo has specialized in the design of transportation buildings, opening ZHA’s successful entry into the infrastructural sector with the design of the first train stations.

The multi awarded Naples-Afragola High-Speed Train Station, the Riyadh KAFD Metro Station, the Navi Mumbai International Airport, the Port of Tallin Masterplan in Estonia are just a few masterpieces, achievements of Filippo. Responsible for ZHA’s development of innovative design solutions with Hyperloop Italia, he has been recently project director for the winning scheme of New Chongqing 3b Satellite and for the New Riyadh Airport and Shenzhen Xili Transport Hub competitions.

His expertise spans also across different fields with the Guangzhou Opera House and the Reggio Calabria Museum of Mediterranean. Filippo has been teaching Architectural Design at the Florence University of Architecture and Construction Technology at the Milan Politecnico, for a number of years. As a researcher he’s been part of the Italian Digital Avant-garde. His pioneeristic vision on sustainable cities and self growing materials has been exhibited in different events including the Venice Biennale and the London Architectural Association.

Awards of Filippo Innocenti:

 RIBA Architecture Award, Guangzhou Opera House – RIBA, May 2009

  • AR Best Public Project 2012, Guangzhou Opera House – Architectural Record Magazine, Jul 2012
  • Best Transportation Building, 2018, Naples Afragola High Speed Train Station -Surface Magazine, Jun 2018
  • BBC Best New Buildings of 2017, Naples Afragola High Speed Train Station – BBC, Jun 2017
  • CNN Most Anticipated Buildings of 2017, Naples Afragola High Speed Train Station – BBC, Jun 2017.

Meet Filippo Innocenti at SHARE Sofia 2022 on 11 October at the Hyatt Regency Hotel Sofia.

Through architectural presentations and debates, SHARE Sofia Forum offers the latest information and knowledge as well as the opportunity for professional networking at the highest level.SHARE Sofia 2022 is organised by SHARE Architects, the largest network dedicated to architecture and construction professionals in Central and South Eastern Europe and The Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria (CAB).

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