50 years of creative path | SHARE Opera Omnia Award for Arch. Ivo Petrov

The work of architect Ivo Petrov, founder of Ivo Petrov Architects, was honored with the SHARE OMNIA AWARD, for significant accomplishments in the fields of architecture, as well as for his role in establishing important architectural projects during his career.Arch. Ivo Petrov is an established Bulgarian architect who has contributed to some of the country’s most famous monuments and buildings. He has been honored with the Order of Cyril and Methodius – First degree for great merits in the fields of culture, art, education and science.He started his 50 years career in architecture working at the Design Organization-Pleven. His early projects were the Soviet Technical Center and the Covered Cooperative Market in Pleven.His most notable piece is the Pleven Panorama, which he co-designed with the architect PlamenaTsacheva between 1976 and 1977. It is the only monument of its sort on the Balkan Peninsula.Ivo Petrov is well-known for his passion and love for theater and art, which have left an indelible influence on his architectural designs. He established the “Ivan Radoev” Drama Theater and the Pleven Museum Complex. In Pleven, Dobrich, and Plovdiv, he has designed theater sets and costumes for over 30 shows.In 1986, he was named deputy director of SDISS – Pleven, where he worked for seven years. In 1993, he established the architectural firm “Ivo Petrov Design,” which is today known as “Ivo Petrov-Architects” – IPA. He developed a complex of scientific institutes in Harare, Zimbabwe, in 1992, and a project in New Jersey, USA, in 1993.After his return, he participated in four competitions for bank buildings and won 3 of them – Hebros Bank, Bulbank and Pireos Bank, and many well-known projects among which are the administrative buildings of “Agropolihim” – Devnya, “Gloria Palace” – Pleven, villas in Boyana, Simeonovo, Dragalevtsi, Bistritza and more than six hundred projects in Pleven, Sofia, Varna, etc.In 2004, he established the Sofia branch of “Ivo Petrov Architects” and set the fundamentals for one of the most prestigious architectural studios in Bulgaria. Today the studio – Ivo Petrov Architects is managed by his son, arch. Tsvetan Petrov and has become one of the most innovative, future-ready and biggest companies for architecture, urbanism, and interior design in Bulgaria.Ivo Petrov has left a legacy of monuments, buildings, art, and a brilliant team of experts as a result of his 50 years of commitment to architecture, art, and people.The SHARE OMNIA Awards is the SHARE Architects Society’s highest honour for outstanding achievement in architecture.SHARE Architects is an essential networking platform for architecture professionals and an influential community for knowledge and understanding of the diversity of contemporary architecture. SHARE events are currently held in 16 countries in Central and South Eastern Europe and the SHARE Architects community has over 50,000 members worldwide. 


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